One of the must visits should be the Botwood Heritage Centre.  Located at the Heritage park, it displays Botwood's early aviation, shipping and railway history.  Inside you'll find displays from the Cottage Hospital, A.N.D. railway and early aviation historical memorabilia.  Also a must see is the early European and Beothuks display.

Just outside the Museum the 1943 P.B.Y. Catalina aircraft is mounted for your photographic and viewing pleasure.
Museum Schedule

Mid June-Labour Day

12:00 noon-8:30pm
7 days a week
For more information call (709) 257-3022

The 1943 P.B.Y. Catalina aircraft is mounted just outside the museum and can be viewed at any time.
The Harbor
Botwood's main industry is of course shipping.  Vessels from around the world come to port here.  Our sheltered bay is also used extensively for sailing, water craft, and pleasure boat excursions.
Then take a walk along our lovely
shoreline, and just relax and enjoy the
view.  It's peaceful and serene. 
Great for erasing  the tension of your day.







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