[a history of Botwood]
Visit Botwood, and we're sure you'll agree that we have one of the richest and most varied histories to be found in Newfoundland. And all you need to do to find out about Botwood's past is visit the Botwood Heritage Centre. Here you will see how from its involvement in early aviation to its role in the Second World War, Botwood is a history buff's dream come true! The links below lead to pages with information taken from the book, Botwood: History of a Seaport, ©1992, Botwood Heritage Society. If you would be interested in obtaining a copy of Botwood: History of a Seaport, send an e-mail to botwood@nf.sympatico.ca. Click on the images below or follow the links beneath the images to find out more about Botwood's history.

[Early History][Anglo Newfoundland Development Company][Aviation]
[The War Years][Botwood Cottage Hospital]

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